Sebago dockside shoes, made for sailors loved by everyone

When it comes to style, I personally believe that is both a matter of nurture and nature. For example, I feel that I always had an affinity and interest for good style and being neat in general. On top of that, during my childhood, I was lucky enough to have a mother that was always taking good care of my appearance, among others. As I was growing up, I started developing my own minimal, classy but contemporary style.

One of the stepping stones of my style evolution was the period I moved for 4 years to Athens, Greece for my university studies at the Athens University of Economics and Business, which is regarded as one of the best business schools in the country. As a result, a great number of my fellow students were kids coming from medium to upper-class families living in wealthy suburbs of Athens. During my daily interaction with them, I was exposed to a slightly different lifestyle from the one I used to have when I was 20 years old. It was then that I first came across to the boat shoes and more specifically to the Sebago Docksides. I have to admit that at the beginning I felt that they were too classic for my personal style back then. However, after some time that my mentality shifted and my mindset was enhanced, I was tempted to buy my first Sebago docksides and since 2008 I am a loyal fan of the brand which I would like to introduce to you.

Sebago was established in 1946 in Maine, USA and is inspired by the New England style. The top craftspeople select from the finest leathers and materials to produce this quality hand sewn casual footwear for people to enjoy good weather, recreational time by the beach, and summer in general.  Sebago Docksides are premium handmade shoes and have slip-resistant soles, rawhide laces, and extremely soft nubuck which feels comfortable on the feet. The shoes are breathable and you can easily wear them with no socks. Personally, I always slide into my Sebagos sock-less and I never faced any problems with sweat. However, if your feet do get sweat I would recommend you to use some talcum powder to absorb moisture and possible odour.

I am the kind of person that I don’t like to expose my feet in the city streets during summer, with the exception when I go to the beach and I wear flip flops. For all the other occasions Sebago docksides are my first choice during summer because they combine class, functionality and comfort. You would not believe it but I have my original pair of Sebago Docksides for around 9 years and I am still using them for running errands such as going to the bakery or taking my dog for a walk. In addition, I have a pair of spinnakers which are ideal for casual and stylish summer outings. Spinnakers have the same shape with the original Docksides but they come in a variety of two or sometimes three tone uppers. The shoes are perfectly combined with chino trousers, smart shorts, and even with swim shorts in the case you would like to add a more picky and unique touch to your style at the beach.

In any instance Sebago Docksides will never let you down. Having in mind that summer in Cyprus can last for up to six months, Sebagos are a must have for every modern stylish islander. Sebago boat shoes were originally made for sailors but they are now loved by everyone, especially by me.

 – A. Yemenaris











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