Easter 2020, amid pandemic

Me, yemenaris, gazing the city fear away from the hill during the sunset. At the background there is also a wind energy fan
Gazing at the city far away from the hill, during sunset

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The alarm went off early in the morning, I jumped out of bed, without hitting the snooze button as I usually do, and started getting ready for a road trip to Paphos. ⁣

It is a sunny Easter Sunday and I traditionally spend this day with my family and my beloved and boisterous relatives in Paphos at my Grands’ yard next to the sea.  As usual, we gathered under the vineyard and enjoyed a traditional home-cooked Cypriot lunch prepared by my grandmother, caught up, and celebrated with a lot of fun the Easter.⁣ ⁣

That’s how I usually spend Easter, but this year things were different. I bet that the 2020 Easter was the loneliest to the majority of the people out there since the pandemic has forced us all to stay isolated. ⁣

Hopefully, that was the first and the last time that we had to spend Easter away from our beloved ones, with constraints and fear of risking our health.⁣

Stay strong and healthy because better days are coming for sure!

– Yemenaris

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