Prodromos Dam, an Oasis on the Highest Village of Cyprus

What a view at Prodromos Dam
What a view at Prodromos Dam

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The unbearable summer heat in the city has led us to seek a “cooling” shelter at Troodos mountain for a couple of days. The road took us 1,380 meters above the sea to the highest village of Cyprus, Prodromos.⁣⁣
Apart from the legendary and abandoned Berengaria hotel, located at the central square of the village, Prodromos was relatively unknown to me.⁣⁣

My exploration instinct drove me to Prodromos Dam, but I wasn’t expecting to come across such a natural beauty.⁣

Prodromos Dam from a bird's-eye view
Prodromos Dam from a bird’s-eye view

As we were driving downhill the rough dirt road, we were getting lost deeper in the green landscape, and after a couple of minutes on the road the dam appeared in front of us, nestled in the pine trees. From a bird’s-eye view, the reservoir looks like an elongated swimming pool naturally emerging from the forest.⁣⁣

Next to the dam under the pine trees, you can find a picturesque, organized picnic site with kiosks and wooden benches, a playground, a place for barbecue, and water amenities. Romeo had a good reason this time to run around this speechless place like crazy!⁣⁣ 🐶
The breeze under the shadow of the trees and the smell from the barbecues has inevitably reminded me of my childhood when we used to go for picnics with my relatives. ⁣⁣

But in this case, the Russian language, widely spoken around me, brought me back to the present to realize that the majority of the visitors were Russian expats. It seems that “foreigners” appreciate the natural beauties of our island more than locals do.⁣⁣

Romeo was ready to jump in the dam to catch a fish
Romeo was ready to jump in the dam to catch a fish

⁣⁣To visit this charming location take the road from Troodos to Prodromos, 5 km from Troodos square, and turn left on the main road towards the Cyprus Forestry College.⁣⁣

The beautiful Prodromos Dam captured on video

So after reading this post, are you curious to plan a visit to Prodromos Dam any time soon? 


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