Sebago dockside shoes, made for sailors loved by everyone

When it comes to style, I personally believe that is both a matter of nurture and nature. For example, I feel that I always had an affinity and interest for good style and being neat in general. On top of that, during my childhood, I was lucky enough to have a mother that was always … More Sebago dockside shoes, made for sailors loved by everyone

St. Petersburg, Russia

After 4 years of learning Russian as a hobby and as part of my personal development, I gradually cultivated an affinity for the Russian culture. Besides grammar rules and new vocabulary, I was learning about some peculiarities and general information about Russia such as: the reason that Red Square is called that way, the geographical … More St. Petersburg, Russia

Moscow, Russia

At last we arrived in Moscow. The visit to the Russian capital was going to be short but enough to feel the vibes of the metropolis that never sleeps. It was almost a sunny day and the weather was much better than in Saint Petersburg but still -17°C and cold. Our Russian friends welcomed us … More Moscow, Russia