Madrid, Autumn Trip to the Vivacious Metropolis of Spain

Here I am again on the air. This time my destination is Madrid, Spain, the capital of tapas, architecture and art. You may figured out how much I love to travel, but I am sure that you donโ€™t know how much I dislike the process of travelling, including packing and the time I have to [...]

Roof Burger Bar, THE ROOF*

Roof Burger Bar is a gourmet burger restaurant, located on the 5th floor of Grecian Sands, a well known four star hotel in Ayia Napa. It was a Sunday late afternoon and we had a reservation at the Roof Burger Bar. I was eager to visit the place since I heard very good comments from [...]

St. Petersburg, Russia

After 4 years of learning Russian as a hobby and as part of my personal development, I gradually cultivated an affinity for the Russian culture. Besides grammar rules and new vocabulary, I was learning about some peculiarities and general information about Russia such as: the reason that Red Square is called that way, the geographical [...]

Moscow, Russia

At last we arrived in Moscow. The visit to the Russian capital was going to be short but enough to feel the vibes of the metropolis that never sleeps. It was almost a sunny day and the weather was much better than in Saint Petersburg but still -17ยฐC and cold. Our Russian friends welcomed us [...]